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Tiësto – Jackie Chan  (Layout & Animation)


pleased to present Tiesto’s new Jackie Chan Music video which I had the opportunity to work on at Ingenuity Studios. The entire music video was created in 2.5 weeks. We went from rough storyboards to Layout which had much of our own input and then straight into animation. This project was one of the most involved and fasted paced, in my experience with a limited team of animators. As a big Dj Tiesto fan I couldn’t have been happier to work on this while giving it my all, hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask about any details in the work I did for the video.

2017 Animation Generalist Showreel

Shot Breakdown List – click here 


2017 Character Animation Reel

Shot Breakdown List – click here

2017 VFX Animation Reel



COLLEGE GRIND short film

by Evelyn Hernandez

Film is being produced by myself currently and you can check out all the animation, and development at this blogspot:



Abstract Animated Music Experience

Every so often I like to depart into the abstract art and animation world. I began this work on paper with pencil, continued on to inking, digitally painting and finally animating what becomes a music and visual experience. The song not only plays the role of being the influence rather unified with the art as one experience.

Artist: Deamau5 – Song title: Snowcone   (I do not take any credit for the song)


11 Second Club – Active member

The ability to give life to a character or object while making the viewer emotionally connect with them is my passion. As a passionate animator have found the 11 Second Club to be my online home, participating in multiple monthly animation competitions, voting and posting on the site forums. I animate using the characters I create from scratch and other people’s rigs depending on that month’s challenge. The 11 Second Club is a very competitive and fun way to continue networking and creatively challenging your animation skills along side of other top animators world wide. Some of these 11 second club entrees I would not call my reel worthy work, rather fun animation exercises to keep me practicing and entertaining the viewers and competitors.


11 Second Club Entrees

these are a few of the entrees had most fun working on.

11 Second Club – Entry for April 2017 animation competition

11 Second Club – Entry for April 2015 animation competition

11 Second Club – Entry for February 2015 animation competition

11 Second Club –  Entry for January 2015 animation competition

11 Second Club –  Entry for November 2016 animation competition



Evelyn-HernandezE_CharacterDesign-Faye-Fairy-universe_ Movie Poster_2000pixels

SPIRITED FAYE short film

by Evelyn Hernandez

Film is being currently in visual development stages, expanding and growing through passionate artworks and designs. Follow the film’s progress at this blogspot:

Spirited Faye - in memory of Ari