3D Modeling & Design

3D Character Modeling Reel 2017

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DreamWorks DreamCrit Gallery Exhibited Reel 2016

The DreamCrit is an awesome opportunity for 1 chosen student from several different schools to have their work critiqued by a highly experienced DreamWorks artist. I submitted my modeling reel to my school which was then selected to be critiqued by Jason Turner a Modeling Supervisor at DreamWorks. the rest of the participants from each school get the chance to watch each school’s selected work be critiqued live by the artist as a great learning experience to industry level work. Then a few months after the selected few works are paired up other DreamCrits such as visual development and animation for a Gallery hosted at DreamWorks were all the selected student artist can talk with each other and DreamWorks artists.



Modeling Works – Details and Development


Title – “Feelings Innerbloom”

The moment one catches sight of their own beautiful feelings and embracing their powerful forces. Intensified sensory perception in a state of euphoric mind expansion also known as a psychedelic experience. This was a personal project heavily inspired by the song Rufus – Innerbloom


Feelings InnerBloom Ambient Occlusion Feelings Innerbloom Wireframe


Character Model – Trixie

Trixie is currently the main character in a short film currently in production called College Grind. She has gone through the pipeline of rigging which is how I managed to create different poses for her.


Turn Around: Turn around displaying the 3D model’s topology and texturing. Modeled the character with enough topology to sculpt the body detail without the need of displacement maps while keeping animation and rigging in mind.



Model Deformation: Character topology works well enough to animate the character well after having been rigged. Video displays character under deformation testing.


Character Development: Model sheets and sketches while developing Trixie’s look and appeal.



Character Model – Uuwb the Alien

character I designed with intentions for personal animation scenes and even film in the future with more development. I have animated Uuwb in the 11 Second Club May challenge.

Uuwb Render

Turn Around: Turn table displaying the 3D model’s topology and texturing.


Rigging Demo: Character topology works well enough to animate the character after having been rigged. Video displays character under deformation testing.

Visual Development: sketch process helped not only create the appearance, but in giving this character a personality through different expressive poses.



Character Model – Packie

This is a character I designed for a personal short film in progress. I began with the idea of a cute backpack and slowly developed into one filled with a little more life.




Creature Model – “Mi Preciosa Finja Luz”

creature model in which went straight from my personal designs and into maya.


Evelyn Hernandez the spider Dos Bocas 3D model 2013001

The Creature


Character Model – Gary The Goldfish

 I designed this character for the intentions of the 11secondclub.com. Within the February 2015’s competition, I designed the character, modeled, sculpted, textured, rigged and animated it for the month’s animation contest.


Turn Around: Turn table displaying the 3D model’s topology sculpting and texturing.


Visual Development:



Prop Model – stylish Racer Unicycle

I modeled this unicycle as a prop for the April 11 second competition. I rigged the prop and used it as transportation for that shot.