About me




HI, I’m Evelyn! :)

My name is Evelyn Hernandez and I am an Animator.

As an animator my passion is entertaining people with compelling visual stories through the big screen or the smaller ones glued to our hands. If I can make you giggle for a second, cry from happiness or somehow change your entire life perspective in a positive direction then I have done my job.


My Story

As far back to the beginning of my elementary school days, I remember always making sure I had plenty of pencils and clear blank paper to prepare for a long day of drawing through my educational studies. little did I know I was on the road to years of job training while learning about biology and later on quadratic equations, i think. I took an interest in computers graphics and video during high school while still drawing all the time which set me off into today’s world of multimedia entertainment. Out of high school I came out with a portfolio that landed me a job as a Computer Aided Design drafter. I was designing customer drawings, engineering parts and creating builders instructional blueprints. This lead me to the understand that I sooo did not want to be a designer the rest of my life. Video games, cartoons and movies were all what I loved so I decided to jump back in school for an education and to continue honing my skills as a visual multimedia artist to get my foot in this entertainment industry. I went to Palomar college for a degree 3D Modeling and Animation and transferred to California State University or Fullerton for a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Entertainment Animation. Using the skills I learned through self teaching practices and school I have always kept myself busy creating new work and content. Having left the CAD technical job, my professional experience include freelance work and personal projects. I have experience working with large teams in short film projects and competitions as a visual effects artist. Freelance commissioned art works to event photography and video become a part of my experience. I worked in video game and larger film productions and even produced my own animated short films from start to finish. Being a visual multimedia art producer has become not only my professional career but my life and passion.


check out my work and If you have any question, feel free to send me a message or shoot me an email.




Current Employment:

G6 Hospitality (since 2009) РManager On Duty

Freelance Animation Generalist

Freelance Multi Media Artist


(B.F.A.) Bachelor of Fine Arts РEntertainment Animation РCalifornia State University Fullerton

(A.S.) associates in science – Graphic Communication in 3D Modeling and Animation – Palomar College

R.O.P certification – Computer 3-D Design and Animation


Autodesk ( Maya, Mudbox, 3DS Max, AutoCAD )

Adobe ( After Effects, Photoshop, Premier )

ZBrush, Blender, Final Cut 10, Solid Works